ØISHI French Vodka is the result of three years of testing and learning in order to offer the best vodka on the market.

‘’My grandfather inspired me to be an entrepreneur. He transmitted the values of work and perseverance. He used to work for his own father who was a brewer before he created his own company of spirits and wine distribution.

The passion for quality spirits runs in my blood, and I am determined to continue the legacy.

Adrien and I have traveled the world for the past 6 years, learning about spirits and artisans in order to create a perfect blend of cultures in a drink.”

Constant Monnin-Laplace (Co-Founder of ØISHI)

’’I believe that our friendship is the main inspiration for ØISHI. In other words, it’s a blend of two personalities that create a powerful and inspiring bond. It is also transmitted in our choice of combining two cultures - Japanese and French, subtile and elegant.

We love what we do and we wish to transmit it though our passion for spirits.

ØISHI was not easy to create, it is the result of years of work. We enjoy every step of the way and continue to learn and evolve with ØISHI.”

Adrien Fragnaud (Co-Founder of ØISHI)

The uniqueness of our vodka is what builds our brand. Have a glass of ØISHI at room temperature and understand the magic of our craftmanship.

I chose the striking ØISHI Vodka to accompany oysters in jelly. It is light and fragrant, absolutely delicate".

Manuel Martinez, Chef of Michelin star restaurant “Le Relais Louis XIII” in Paris, France.