Our high-end Vodka is intended to be a gourmet spirit, designed and developed by two friends: Constant Monnin-Laplace and Adrien Fragnaud.

The base alcohol allowing us to craft ØISHI is a grape-based alcohol that we want to be as high quality as possible. The grapes used form the basis for blending the 3 dominant grape varieties in winemaking: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier.

The bunches are harvested by hand. Our grape alcohol supply is with our quest for the best quality of raw produce for ØISHI. In this extent, we reuse co-products from the winemaking process through the use of pouts and lees.

ØISHI is made with the Lemon Haze flower (a variety of French hemp) which is a very complex flower. It is organic and comes from a small farm in the North of France.

We therefore follow what is called an "On-grain Distillation". We carry out a distillation directly with the whole Lemon Haze flower without macerating it. During distillation the vapors will pass through the flower in order to obtain subtle notes of citrus and cucumber and comfortably carry the alcohol through the still. The Vodka is distilled 6 times in an Arnold Holstein still (which we consider to be the Rolls Royce of stills!). This hybrid still allows you to manage a multitude of parameters in order to bring out very precise aromas.

We eliminate the head and tail alcohols in order to keep the core alcohol. The head alcohol must be removed because it contains a lot of methanol, so it is toxic. We remove the tail alcohol because it is heavier, fatter, less pure. These alcohols are put aside and not thrown away because we will use them to clean the instruments. The selected core will come out of the still at 71 Proof and will be placed in a stainless steel tank. We then move on to a very slow reduction, that is to say we will incorporate high quality mineral water, very low in calcium so as not to alter the taste of the Vodka. We will incorporate this water one drop at a time for 2 months in a stainless steel tank, to bring the Vodka to 40 Proof.