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ØISHI French Vodka

ØISHI French Vodka

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The uniqueness of our vodka is what builds our brand. Have a glass of ØISHI at room temperature and understand the magic of our craftsmanship.

“I chose the striking ØISHI Vodka to accompany oysters in jelly. It is light and fragrant, absolutely delicate".

Manuel Martinez, Chef of Michelin star restaurant “Le Relais Louis XIII” in Paris, France.


ØISHI's unique black bottle protects our vodka from sunlight and moonlight ensuring consistent quality for every sip. The alliance between grapes and Lemon Haze flower creates unique complexity, elevating your sensory journey.)

About our Signature bottle: ØV

We wanted to restore the nobility of Vodka by ensuring quality and uniqueness to both its content and its container. The characteristic black bottle helps protect Øishi from light. 

It is elegantly decorated with a screen printing with silver hot stamping which allows it to last over time unlike a paper label. This know-how is carried out in a workshop which also carries out the screen printing of limited editions of the most exclusive Fragrance brands in the world. 

The ceramic cork is made in VeniceGrazie, amici !

Crafting ØISHI, when the magic happens...

We are convinced that we cannot make exceptional Vodka without exceptional products. This is why we have selected only very high quality French raw materials. ØISHI is a Vodka produced from the blend of the emblematic French grapes varieties - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier - harvested by hand. The characteristic citrus and cucumber notes come from the Lemon Haze flower. This flower with complex aromas comes from organic farming from the North of France.

We distill directly with the flower without prior maceration. Thanks to this, during distillation, the vapors pass through the flower and bring subtle citrus and cucumber notes.

The Vodka is distilled 6 times in an Arnold Holstein, the Rolls Royce of stills. This hybrid still allows you to manage a multitude of parameters in order to bring out very precise aromas.

A 3-step manufacturing process:

1- Distillation in a water bath, slow and progressive, carried out 6 times. We remove the head (toxic) and tail alcohols (heavier, fatty, less pure) in order to concentrate on the heart alcohols and make a blend. The selected hearts come out of the still at 71 degrees.

2- Very slow reduction via the incorporation of mineral water low in calcium so as not to alter the taste of the ØISHI. This incorporation is done drop by drop over 2 months in order to bring the Vodka to 40 degrees.

3- Bottling by hand, without cold filtration to preserve the aromas.


There are many ways to taste ØISHI, but here are 3 main: 

1) As a digestive at room temperature or slightly fresh.

2) To accompany a dish like caviar or oysters.

3) In cocktails.

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